In the spirit of the new year, we asked ASTRA staff and board members to share their goals for 2019. Here’s what they shared:

Kimberly Mosley, president: I no longer make New Years resolutions because every day is an opportunity. A new day full of possibilities. I try to spend each day being grateful for the beauty of a new beginning, curious about the world around me and mindful of the simple joys in life.

Dee Farrell, ASTRA board chair: My goal is to help HAPE build brand awareness, especially with consumers.  We know consumers walk in stores and ask for certain brands.  We’re working to make the HAPE brand one that consumers ask for.

Robyn Foster, membership coordinator: In 2019 I’m working on mindfulness and physical strength. Which will include 365 days of journaling, meditation and of course lifting some heavy items!

Sue Warfield, director of member relations: I have set a goal of reading one book a month that is non-fiction and will be inspirational, provide professional knowledge, nudge me to see something from a different perspective and/or learn new skills. January’s book is Michelle Obama’s Becoming

Cynthia Compton, ASTRA board member: This is going to be the year of RELATIONSHIPS. We are looking for new ways to connect with our customers through programming, special events, and preferred customer programs. We are proposing new programs and partnerships with our vendors and manufacturers, choosing to spend our time and dollars with those companies that are interested in partnering with us. And we are expanding ways that we communicate with our sales reps and keep them informed about our business including involving more of our staff in buying and managing lines.  RELATIONSHIPS. It’s what we’re good at, and where we have the most opportunity to succeed.

Ahren Hoffman, director of education and training: I need to/have to drink more water. I’m planning on slicing up lemons and other fun fruits/veggies to add to my water. I also downloaded the free app Water Tracker Daily to make drinking water purposeful.

Dina Velasquez, director of meetings and events: My resolution for this year is to shop less, find my forever home and settle in with my fur babies.

Betty Skoke Burns, ASTRA board member: My resolution for Angellina’s in 2019 is to reflect on, honour, and get back to our roots. I am going to identify the areas in our business that made us what we are today and work on strengthening and honouring them. We have grown so much, and our success is because of the strong foundation in which our business was founded- things like customer service, quality curated products, and community mindedness. Being forward-thinking, also means using a compass that is embedded in your past.  I believe knowing your roots gives you a strong sense of identity, and that is something I plan to foster in 2019.

Dee Marsden, associate manager, marketing and communications: I’m aiming to take time to document moments from each day (no matter how mundane or how incredible!) whether it’s by taking photos, writing, or playing music.

Nicole Peavy, office administrator: My 2019 resolution is to not create any “specified” resolutions. I plan to spend 2019 continuing to enjoy life!