Today we experienced a Super Blue Blood Moon for the first time in 150 years. As a marketer, I couldn’t help but think about how important timing is. Each of those single events – a Super Moon, a Blue Moon, and a Blood Moon – are interesting on their own, but when they come together, it’s all people can talk about!

Coordinating Your Social Media Posts

There are a lot of considerations tied to a successful social media strategy – not the least of which is coordinating your social media posts with other events. You can find all kinds of colorful infographics that tell you what time of day everyone should post on Facebook or what Twitter chats you have to participate in. The fact of the matter is, timing is as important as it is unique to your brand. Think of the recommendations that supposedly work for everyone as a good place to start, but do your own research and answer the following questions related to your social media activity.

  1. When is my audience active online (time of day, day of the week, time of year, etc.)?
  2. When do I see the most engagement from my audience on social media platforms? (This could be your audience engaging with you or your competitors.)

Be careful to measure similar posts as much as possible to ensure the differences (tagging someone or using a hashtag, for example) skew your results as little as possible. You won’t be able to have a perfect comparison, but over time, you will see patterns emerge.

Real-Time Marketing

Other than time of day, day of the week, and time of year, there is also an opportunity to capitalize on what people are talking about related to your business right now. Has there been a major innovation related to your industry recently? Has your competitor, vendor, or a complementary product or service been in the news? Did you discover a celebrity using or in need of a product or service you offer? These opportunities are particularly valuable because you don’t have to find your audience – they’re already there waiting for you! You just have to find them.

  • Sign up for alerts related to your industry. There are several free tools available that will send you frequent digests of news articles and trending topics based on keywords you select.
  • Watch what’s trending. A lot of platforms have their own way of letting you know what people are talking about (e.g., the “Trends for You” bar on Twitter).
  • Read and/or watch the news – including local and celebrity news if there’s a possible connection to your industry. It’s impossible to keep up with everything, but try to catch a bit of news every day – on TV, online, or even by chatting with friends in-the-know.

One example we can all use are the ASTRA hashtags! Have you taken a look at #astratoy or any of the content for #marketplaceandacademy in New Orleans? It’s a great way to meet other attendees before the June conference!

Joining Conversations

When you do find a person, group, topic, or hashtag related to your industry or product, join the conversation! This is the same advantage we’ve already talked about; you don’t have to find people and start a conversation. You can just find activity and contribute. This is a great way to learn what others are talking about and grow your audience. You don’t have to “sell” your product – just be a contributor! People like people who are interested…sometimes that’s what makes them interesting.

Don’t Just Create Great Content

Social media professionals certified by the National Institute for Social Media (NISM) talk about the importance of strategy in every aspect of their work. In fact, our certification is in social media strategy! Even the best content shared at the wrong time will struggle to be successful. If you’ve put the time and effort into creating valuable materials for your audience, take the extra step and carefully plan when the best time to share that content is and how you can connect it to other active conversations.


A. Jauman
Dr. Amy Jauman, SMS, is an international speaker, author, and social media strategist who bills herself as “an educator for the business environment.” She focuses on using social media, experiential learning techniques, and online resources to make information meaningful to adult learners in traditional and remote business and educational environments. Amy has a Master’s Degree in Experiential Education and a Doctorate in Organization Development. In 2013 she became a certified Social Media Strategist (SMS) and Certified Instructor through the National Institute of Social Media (NISM). In 2017, she completed a Credentialing Specialist Certificate through the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

Previously she has served as the marketing director the Minnesota chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota (WeMN). She also currently teaches marketing courses at St. Catherine University and is an Assistant Professor at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Amy is the author of NISM’s core textbook, the Comprehensive Field Guide for Social Media Strategists and is publishing her second book Certification Success through Kendall Hunt Publishing in March of 2018.

Follow Amy on Twitter @amyjauman or on her author Facebook page!