How to Move Your Business Forward Strategically in One Day

Participating in the annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day celebration is the perfect way to show people why they should shop at your store and not on Amazon or at a big box. We as specialty toy retailers have an advantage over our competitors:  our stores are an experience. We are a destination for families who crave fun together and are looking for guidance in helping their children learn and grow. Celebrating Neighborhood Toy Store Day (this year, on November 11) showcases us doing what we do best, all in one compact, easy-to-digest day.

Here’s what participating in NTSD does:

  • Drives customers to our stores to see our expertly-curated collection of toys
  • Highlights our knowledgeable and engaging staff who inspire kids and help them grow
  • Creates a frenzy with toy demos and giveaways—provided in partnership with the manufacturers who want us to succeed
  • Inspires customers with a charitable component—highlighting how invested our businesses already are in our communities (when was the last time Amazon donated to your school’s silent auction?!)

And you don’t have to do it alone! Members of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) who pledge to participate in this year’s Neighborhood Toy Store Day receive free marketing resources (social media graphics, digital files for posters and ads, template press releases and more) and have access to the list of specials and play day kits vendors are offering to support this initiative. If you’ll be at Marketplace & Academy (link), consider attending the Neighborhood Toy Store Day Workshop on Sunday, June 25.

Most of all, NTSD is an incredible experience for our customers – no parent will ever feel cool while surfing Amazon toys with their kids.  And big box retailers are where we go to run errands…our stores are where people go to be inspired, make memories, have a blast, and feel like parent/grandparent of the year.  And NTSD is our party – where we show them why shopping with us is better. Visit the Neighborhood Toy Store Day website to learn more about how to make this year’s event the best neighborhood party of the year. 

AS Headshot.jpg

Amy Saldanha will co-present the session Celebrate Community: Plan Your 2017 Neighborhood Toy Store Day at Marketplace & Academy. Amy is founder and CEO of kiddywampus, a specialty toy retailer and destination for families in the Twin Cities. She and her husband, Kenneth, have three children, all of whom are active at kiddywampus.

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