Guest Post: Stand Out… or Step Aside

Successful people, just like successful businesses, understand that what people think of them and expect from them is important. In today’s social-media-connected world, people don’t hesitate to share what they think of you. Careers, reputations and businesses can be ruined by social media. They can also be enhanced, so it’s worth doing a little planning and positioning.

Larry Mersereau, a session speaker at ASTRA’s Marketplace & Academy, offers a few steps for getting started on building your personal brand.

1.) Identify Your Personal Brand Attributes

Attributes are the traits that other people might see in you and expectations they carry. Start with the obvious, your physical appearance. Tall, short, skinny… not so skinny, hair style, grooming, ethnicity. Describe yourself in as many ways as you can. Then get into your attitude, your education, experience, temperament. Are you organized, punctual, dependable? Are you positive or grumpy? Steady or volatile? What is it like to be around you and to work with you.

Whatever attributes you are going to use, it’s important that you be consistent. If you say “well-dressed,” you have to be well dressed every day. No casual Friday for you!

Think on this for a few days. Keep a scratch pad with you and write things down as you think of them (or notice them, like how you respond when someone cuts you off in traffic!).

2.) Identify Your Top Three

What three, of all the attributes you listed, make you unique and interesting. When people find out that I’m an author, it really gets their attention. That’s one of my top three. You want your top three to be things that set you apart and that make other people want to know more.

3.) Make It A Story

How many times have you been asked: “What do you do?” You could answer: “I own a store.” Or, you could say “I found out in college that I have a passion for helping young people learn through the power of play. I’m lucky enough to do that for a living now.” Which answer do you think sounds more interesting? If people say: “Really, tell me more,” you’ve got a winner.

L. Mersereau.JPG

Take a closer look at this topic at ASTRA’s Marketplace & Academy at Larry’s session Stand Out… or Step Aside on Sunday, June 25 at 3:30PM. Learn more about Larry Mersereau at

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  1. You should be unique and interesting to be on the top.
    Don’t follow the trend, lead it!


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