The ASTRA community is made up of a vibrant group of retailers, sales representatives, manufacturers and affiliate members who all have unique stories of how they got into the toy industry. We believe these stories are worth sharing! To recognize our community, the ASTRA Blog features a regular ASTRA Member Spotlight series.

Today, we feature ASTRA sales representative member Kimberly Freeman of Diverse Marketing.

Kim Freeman.jpgHow did you get into the toy industry?
I found the job posting on LinkedIn. I flew to Dallas to interview and left with a job and a sample bag.

What do you enjoy about being in the toy business?
My customers. I love being in the stores and listening and watching them in their element. This is the best job ever! No bad days.

What is your proudest moment as a member of the specialty toy industry?
In December of 2012 with fewer than six months under my belt, I was recognized as Diverse Marketing’s “Rookie of the Year.”

What is your biggest challenge in this business?
My biggest challenge is managing my priorities and turning off work. I am guilty of texting with a customer waiting on church to start. 
family 3.PNG
What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
Not much. I have a big mouth and love to talk. But to answer the question seriously, I am the proud mother of four beautiful children.


How did you hear about ASTRA?
Diverse Marketing is a huge supporter of ASTRA and led me to learn about the organization. They have supposed my participating whenever and however I can. The ASTRA community is like a family. I love ASTRA’s Marketplace & Academy. It is like a big family reunion every year!  The ASTRA member benefit that has helped me the most has been ASTRA’s Marketplace. It is a very intimate setting so I get very productive time with my customers and my vendors.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Kim! Interested in being featured in a future Member Spotlight post? Apply at the volunteer opportunities featured on ASTRA Connect.